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长春博达汽车零部件有限公司Changsha Boda Technology Industry Co.,LTD. was established in May 2000, its predecessor for the China Automotive Industry Corporation Changsha Automobile Electrical Factory Die Casting Factory. Changchun Boda Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. was established in August 2013, Changsha is a large machinery parts and components Co., Ltd. wholly-owned subsidiary. Company is located in Changchun City High-tech Industrial Development Zone, the registered capital of 40 million yuan, is expected to 1 billion annual output value.

       The company's main aluminum alloy parts pressure casting, die casting machining and mold manufacturing, with two production bases, headquartered in Changsha, the branch is located in Changchun, a total of more than 600 employees. Changsha factory site 42,000 square meters, Changchun factory 50,000 square meters.

       The company has Dongyang, Toshiba series of precision die-casting machine, is the British aluminum melting furnace, CNC lathes, machining centers and other advanced technology and equipment 130, with an annual capacity of 15 million pieces of die-casting and machining 10 million; product testing and testing have a complete X-ray instrument, spectrum analyzer, coordinate machine, hydrogen measuring instrument, air tightness test bench and other excellent equipment; product development team with experienced die casting design, mold design and product technology senior engineer, engineers and technicians 50 Others.

        Company quality system and environmental system, respectively, through the ISO / TS16949 and ISO14001 certification. Highly motivated employees continue to implement quality standards and environmental standards, to maintain the effective operation of the management system.

        The company is committed to the auto parts as the representative of the high-quality product development and mass production, while strict production process control and excellent reliability to other commercial machinery and civilian equipment to provide die-casting products. At present the company's stable production of products are automotive car starter, generator cover, air-conditioning compressor shell, pump pump, high-voltage power equipment, small structural parts such as precision aluminum alloy, zinc alloy die casting; Bosch, Hitachi, the national grid, Huada air compressor, and so on more than 30.

         The company attaches great importance to integrity and law-abiding operators, and strictly abide by the national and local governments to develop laws and regulations. Over the years won the 'provincial and municipal garden units', 'provincial, city small giant enterprises', 'energy saving environmental protection award', 'NPC deputies outstanding enterprises', 'social responsibility star enterprise', 'industrial development advanced unit ',' The rapid development of Star Enterprise 'and other honorary titles.

          Bardon companies adhering to the 'customer satisfaction, the staff is responsible for' the purpose of providing customers with the most sophisticated products and the best services for staff to provide a good personal development space and opportunities, and strive to build a harmonious environment, establish team spirit, And constantly improve the overall quality of staff and service levels.

          Companies for each employee to provide comprehensive benefits: such as five social insurance, accommodation, festive subsidies, canteens, transport and other shuttle.

          The company's amateur cultural life is rich and colorful, often organize cultural and sports activities, such as travel, tug of war, recreational activities and various parties.

          We encourage all employees to participate in the management of the company, and actively adopt and encourage the rationalization of the staff recommendations; we give employees to create a lot of learning and training opportunities.

          With the company's business and the scale of continuous development and expansion, we will continue to employ all kinds of professionals to work with us for common development. We welcome you to join us as a member of our family.

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